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Situated in the Dreiland territory at the crossroads of France, Switzerland, and Germany, 3 Pays is a new generation retail and leisure project with no equivalent concept within its attraction zone of 2.1 million inhabitants.

3 Pays will benefit from a wealthy catchment area of transnational visitors with high purchasing power and diverse visitor profiles with expatriate workers, tourists, and local families from France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Designed to blend into the natural landscape, 3 Pays is surrounded by a ten-hectare park. A green path leads visitors from the landscaped park directly to the roof where there are innovative cultural and leisure concepts. With outdoor restaurants, nature, and shops flooded with natural light, 3 Pays will give brands a unique opportunity to express themselves.

It is fully committed to integrating within the local environment. Incorporated into a global development program of 100 hectares, it will notably accelerate the development of public transportation in the area with the extension of tramway line (20-minute connection to Basel) and foster partnerships with local actors to enrich the program with both cultural and educational offers.

3 Pays will be a place that brings people from the three countries together, a place to live new experiences becoming a true destination for shopping and leisure with a strong local anchorage.

Development Overview


URW ownership

84,088 sqm

100% GLA (sqm)


100% Total Investment Cost (€ Mn)

Post 2023

Opening Date

At cost

Project Valuation


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