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Working together

What does it mean to work at URW?

Behind every successful project the company has accomplished, you’ll find a team of passionate people who helped make it happen. As a team, we are diverse, passionate and creative. We work together to constantly challenge ourselves, and each other to be better.



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Places to meet up, connect, shop, work and enjoy.

We Reinvent Places

Want to make an impact?

We are building a sustainable future for our business and the communities in which we operate. We create better places where people can meet up, connect, shop, work and enjoy. Our activities contribute to shaping the cities of tomorrow.

We Reinvent Collective Challenges

Ready to be challenged?

Our projects are ambitious and our collective power is the force behind them. We are a team of committed individuals, and we push our boundaries to continuously exceed expectations.

We Reinvent Empowerment

Looking for a dynamic career?

We seek the most talented people from different disciplines and backgrounds who demonstrate drive and creativity. We empower our team members and give them a high level of responsibility early on in their careers.

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Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has 13 offices strategically located across 2 continents. If you enjoy driving innovation from behind the scenes or working on ground at our centres, we have something for you in our headquarters, several global offices or in our shopping centres where you will work within an inspiring and open atmosphere with dynamic and hard-working teams.


Our fundamentals are what drive the execution of our strategic vision of creating better places. They bind us together as a Group. They are the building blocks that shape how we work together and how we invite people from diverse backgrounds to share our daring vision.

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TOGETHER AT URW is our company culture. It is a set of 6 values which defines how we work together to achieve our ambitions.

Togetherness is the force behind our ambitious projects. We unite the most talented and passionate people from various disciplines and backgrounds, who dare with vision and agility. We are a team of committed individuals, and we push boundaries to continuously exceed expectations and aim for excellence.

Our values make us who we are and are reflected in very concrete, day-to-day actions like how we work together, how we interact and how we deliver together. They are the foundation of our collective successes.

  • EXCELLENCE – We only aim for the best

  • TEAMWORK – We unite talent as team

  • ETHICS – We build on trust and transparency

  • BOLDNESS – We dare with vision and agility

  • PASSION – We go the extra mile

  • OWNERSHIP – We are empowered to deliver

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With a representation in 13 countries and 2 continents, we welcome employees from different parts of the world, with many diverse cultures, each of which are at the centre space of our company without which we couldn’t achieve our ambitious projects.

  After various experiences in Spain, France and Germany, I was transferred internationally to join the Corporate Investment team, where I worked in a challenging environment close to the Chief Financial Officer. My mission was strategic and rewarding since I managed investment and divestment projects with a high degree of responsibility at Group level. Currently I work in the US in New York as Operating Manager of a portfolio of US assets

  Enrique Pavel, Senior Operating Manager, New York  

We are proud of our teams whose skills lie across a range of diverse disciplines and backgrounds. Fostering an environment which celebrates new ideas, engagement and individual development, we are committed to diversity and promote an inclusive culture where people are positively encouraged to succeed.

We welcome 1.2 billion visitors per year to our shopping centres and strive to ensure that we are as diverse as our customer base in order to meet their needs now and in the future. We understand that to effect meaningful change, it is vital to integrate diversity and inclusion in all we do.

Professional Development for Women in the Group

We empower women and are committed to promoting equal opportunities. We have an internal network that serves as a platform for discussing gender balance issues and developing ideas to help both women and men in their professional development. Dedicated leadership programmes, developed with global consulting firm McKinsey, and keynotes given by renowned and inspiring external speakers are powerful means to inspire women to gain confidence and tackle more challenging assignments. Specific training for top managers, both men and women, to promote a culture of gender-balanced leadership and raise awareness about potential unconscious bias, is also provided.

An International Workforce

Committed to fostering an international work environment where every employee can thrive, we promote diversity at Unibail Rodamco Westfield by offering opportunities for international mobility as well as intercultural training and cross-cultural work teams, which are major factors of individual and career development. We strongly believe that putting forward cross-border programmes and international mobility is key to foster talent.


In ensuring everyone has access to our centres, we supported the Purple Tuesday initiative focused on changing the customer experience for disabled people and just signed the “Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Economic Life” charter, an initiative which aims to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy better inclusion in the workplace.

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As part of the Group’s strategy, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate.
Through the URW Volunteering Programme, all employees to take part in one or more of our community-focused projects, part of our Better Places 2030 CSR strategy.

  URW for Jobs and Solidarity Days are two excellent examples of the Group’s commitment to the development of the communities in which it operates. We want to be fully engaged in tackling the social issues of today. As part of my role, I coordinate these social initiatives at Group level in Continental Europe and involve all employee volunteers in this challenge. The most rewarding part is, of course, seeing our impact on the people we support through these actions and on the employees themselves!

Sabine Pompey, CSR Manager  

We continue to show our strong commitment to supporting others through the URW Volunteering Programme: a Group initiative enabling all employees to take part in one or more of our community-focused projects, part of our Better Places 2030 CSR strategy.

The first-ever URW Community Day in May 2020 was a great success with over 2,000 employees around the world volunteering more than 12,000 hours to support non-profit organisations in our local areas.

Additionally, many of our employees gave their time and expertise to support the URW for Jobs programme, providing valuable coaching and support to local job seekers to help them find employment. Through this year’s URW for Jobs programme, URW teams have trained over 1,000 candidates.

We also celebrate our long-standing local partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic in various fields from Veterans’ initiatives to raising awareness on career opportunities in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among local female school students.

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Our employees overall wellbeing is of major importance to us as a company, which is why we have taken many steps to ensure that our employees have well rounded personal and professional lives.

A major part of our work week is typically spent in the workplace, therefore at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield it is highly imperative that our employee’s physical and mental health is given major care and constant upkeep.

The Wellbeing Framework at URW has been developed to encapsulate the different elements that are important to help drive Wellbeing within the company.

  • Healthy Culture – our work culture supports our wellbeing objectives in totality. It involves the way our collective working culture and processes at URW is shaped, our working space organisation, and our culture of encouraging collaboration and sustainability.

  • Healthy Minds – this involves how we ensure our team members have a clear sense of purpose and job fulfilment, how we encourage flexible thinking and resilience , and the way we support them in challenging situations.

  • Healthy Bodies – the physical aspects of wellbeing, such as sleep, nutrition, movement and healthcare have been well documented and as an employer we provide our team members with tools for them take adequate care of themselves.

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