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The fundamental principles, values and standards that govern the Group are described in the Code of Ethics.

It sets out the Group's position on:

  • Loyalty, integrity and conflicts of interest,
  • Ethical ways of doing business, with a particular focus on implementing the Group's anti-corruption program,
  • The treatment of confidential information, with a particular focus on implementing data protection legislation,
  • Respect for human dignity and for the work of employees,
  • Respect for law and regulation.
In particular, it prohibits the giving and/or receiving of bribes or other facilitation payments, commits employees to obeying all applicable laws, and places clear restrictions on the giving and/or receiving of gifts. Violation of the Code may lead to disciplinary and legal action. All of the Group’s employees are asked to complete an online training module on the code of ethics.
Complete information about matters relating to corporate governance is detailed in the 2017 Registration Document and the 2017 Annual and Sustainable Development Report.