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The Group's innovation hub in Continental Europe

The Mixer, the Group’s open-innovation space in Continental Europe.

The Group in Continental Europe launched The Mixer in 2016, a space dedicated to innovation and located in the Group's Parisian headquarters. This flexible and modern venue, with furniture made solely from recycled materials, hosts, in a collaborative environment, external residents and the Group’s teams in Continental Europe, including URW Lab and URW Link. In the Mixer, the Group's startups and employees in Continental Europe work together to invent the tomorrow's retail experience. The Mixer’s creative spaces are open to all employees, giving them an opportunity to work differently and test new products and services (Virtual Reality, 3D...).
The Vitality area is also available to those who wish to join the various sport classes. The Mixer hosts many events, both internal and external, and has undeniably become one of the meeting places of open innovation in Paris.

50% permanent residents

50% external residents


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