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- Donostia san Sebastian : +30% over national gdp per capita
- ideally located in 2nd wealthiest Spanish region, densely populated and surrounded by natural beauty, 20 minutes away from the French border
- strong touristic destination : 1.2 million tourists in 2015
- European capital culture in 2016
- Densely populated area with more than 445 000 inhabitants
- 110 stores creating unique opportunities for innovative retailers
- 58,500 m2 GLA distributed in one floor, preserving today’s essence
- €100 Mn investment placing the project as most ambitious project in San Sebastián in the last 10 years
- Easy layout strategically secured by 8 strong and differentiating anchors
- 3 main plazas & spectacular malls creating perfect venues for social gatherings
- 3-level silo parking with over 3,600 parking spaces
- Fully delivered by 2019 new Garbera will be the only scheme to provide exclusive opportunities in the region
- GARBERA will be the gateway for the arrival of new fashion brands to northern Spain
- Unrivalled dining plaza provides location for 9 new exceptional restaurants

Key Information

+20,445 m²

Total GLA

H2 2020

Expected opening date


Total investment cost