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Unexpected Shopping

36 shopping centres in nine countries are part of the Unexpected Shopping campaign.

The Unexpected Shopping campaign is a unique advertising initiative, launched by the Group in 2014 in Continental Europe. It was the first time in Europe that the communication strategies of shopping centres were united under one vision that still respected the positioning of each mall. The campaign was tailored to speak to every type of audience—whether men, women, children, teenagers, seniors or families. The campaign is not only about fashion but reveals all the other unique experiences that can be found in those shopping centres: beauty, restaurants, culture, sport, cinema, leisure and events.

Unexpected Smile

The first European Unexpected Shopping commercial

The first  commercial for the Unexpected Shopping campaign was launched across Europe in autumn 2017.  With "Unexpected Smile", the Group's shopping centres in Continental Europe shared a clear message: the unexpected is always a great experience. This is a unique way to remember that the Group’s shopping centres in Continental Europe are exceptional social places, offering visitors a constantly renewed experience with an increasingly strong entertainment dimension. With exclusive services, regular entertainment and exceptional events, this is more than just shopping. Every visit offers a unique experience, rich in surprises.

One thing is sure: this commercial excites curiosity in a way that entices everyone.