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An unrivalled array of digital displays

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Led by our in-house media agency Westfield Rise, our Westfield destinations feature an unrivalled array of digital displays offering unprecedented impact to dynamic brands looking to engage further with their audiences.

Unvealing the new Digital Dream at Westfield Les 4 Temps

This April, we switched on the new Digital Dream at Westfield Les 4 Temps – the largest immersive, interactive indoor video screen in Europe, which has just been remodelled with enhanced features

With a total surface area of 250 square meters, Digital Dream features a curved, totem-shaped central screen accompanied by two 360-degree convex screens that loop around the first and second floor balconies. With ultra-high-definition, it packs in excess of 37 million pixels, with the immersive effect further enhanced by advanced spatialised sound and 3D capabilities. Digital Dream also incorporates three OAK cameras that allow people to interact with the content on its screens.

Created in partnership with Cityz Media, the new Digital Dream offers brands unprecedented impact when sharing their messages with the visitors at Westfield Les 4 Temps. Its immersive environment opens up new possibilities for brand storytelling and creating unforgettable moments with customers, with the dramatic blend of physical and digital also providing a powerful drive-to-store lever.

The first media campaign is already on show on Digital Dream, with Coca-Cola. When not in use by advertisers, Digital Dream will showcase artworks by next-generation digital artists, thanks to a partnership withstart-up Artpoint.

Our network of advanced immersive media options

The new Digital Dream is the latest addition to Westfield Rise's unrivalled array of digital advertising solutions.

  1. Last year, at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Sweden, Westfield Rise unveiled HALO, a network of interconnected video cubes and circular screens. One of the largest digital out-of-home media configurations in the world, HALO features six-sided DeepScreen displays and 280 square meters of LED. It was inaugurated at the Nordic region’s largest shopping destination just before Christmas 2023 and has already showcased campaigns for luxury brands including Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino

  2. There are more high-tech digital canvasses at Westfield CentrO, in Germany. There, the 3.8-million-pixel Leisure Dome screen looks out over the centre’s main plaza, while the 2.6-million-pixel CentrO Lights illuminates the destination’s exterior forecourt. Westfield CentrO also has its own HALO, featuring five giant high-definition screens plus a ring-shaped, 360-degree banner, allowing brands to surround visitors with a captivating, immersive experience.

  3. Westfield World Trade Center in New York also features a world-class array of digital media options designed to offer brands new realms of creativity for their campaigns. The NYC+ Network comprises 22 high-impact screens including one that’s over 90 metres long – or the length of an American football field. This iconic display is the perfect canvas for brands to engage consumers in a highly dynamic way in the largest media market in the US.

There are now digital media options, large and small, offered at all of our destinations. For more details on past activations and current campaigns, follow Westfield Rise on LinkedIn, here.