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Be you at URW

Be You at URW : our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

With a representation in 12 countries and 2 continents, we welcome employees from different parts of the world, from diverse cultures and backgrounds to build successful and inclusive teams.

Our company purpose, Reinvent Being Together, is an inclusive vision of not just our assets and business, but of our internal organization as well. It articulates the importance of ensuring that our employee community reflects the diversity of our customers and of the communities we operate in.

At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, our Be You at URW commitment to Diversity & Inclusion is built on the premise that with us you can fully be yourself and be proud of who you are. We appreciate each employee’s uniqueness and work to provide an environment which ensures that everyone feels safe and supported enough to be the best of themselves.

A message from Jean-Marie Tritant, Chief Executive Officer

Our Diversity & Inclusion approach

Take a glimpse of what we stand for and how we strive to achieve our Diversity and Inclusion goals.

Be You at URW is structured around four key pillars:

  1. Leadership & Commitment: Accountability from leadership and management teams with clear diversity and inclusion goals included in annual performance reviews

  2. Inclusion Policies & Performance: Clear actions and measurable targets to drive forward a better balance in senior positions and tackle underrepresentation globally

  3. Culture & Employee Engagement: Support for employee networks and channels to discuss our progress and move forward together

  4. Employee Development & Learning: Diversity & Inclusion best practice for learning paths and talent development. A large part of which is the companywide Unconscious Bias training for all employees.

In March 2021, our Management Board and Executive Committee signed the Be You at URW Charter demonstrating a shared commitment and accountability to increasing diversity, inclusion and equality within our Group. This charter, which includes a commitment to have 40% or more of our leadership positions occupied by women by 2025, is a concrete call to action that we will translate globally and locally into a specific and detailed roadmap for the organization.

Our Diversity & Inclusion partners


Inclusive networks

In every region where we operate, we have active Be You at URW Networks that help to strengthen the focus on diversity and inclusion. Our networks organise and deliver activities to raise awareness about diversity and champion inclusive actions, behaviours and mindsets.

The Group Be You at URW Committee contributes to the strategic Diversity and Inclusion objectives and the delivery of Be You at URW framework within the business.
An international workforce

Committed to fostering an international work environment where every employee can thrive. We promote diversity by offering opportunities for international mobility as well as intercultural training and cross-cultural work teams, which are major factors of individual and career development.
Equal opportunity globally

Here at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, equality across the board is key. We strongly believe that diversity is vital to our business and we are committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone can feel like they belong. We nurture an environment comprising of a group of people who are not only diverse in skillset, but also in backgrounds, perspectives, experience, disability status, ethnicity, age, gender identity and sexual orientation among others. In doing this, we stand against racism, discrimination, and bias of any kind, striving to ensure that everyone feels equally welcome and embraced.
Women's empowerment

We empower the women in our organisation and are committed to promoting equal opportunities. Action plans involving monitoring of Key Performance Indicators have been designed to increase the share of women in senior management positions. We host dedicated women’s leadership programmes, provide specific training for all employees to promote a culture of gender-balanced leadership and raise awareness around unconscious bias.

Take a peek at our 2023 International Women’s Day celebration across the group.
Disability and accessibility

We have made good progress over the years towards better accessibility for disabled people across our regions. We run dedicated training for our employees to better understand the diverse nature of disability (including hidden or invisible impairments) and how to support different needs.

In ensuring everyone has access to our centres globally, we support the Purple Tuesday initiative focused on changing the customer experience for disabled people. From projects like introducing tactile and Braille signage for visually impaired visitors, to implementing “quiet hours” where our centres turn their music off, we support shoppers with autism and have, developed specific services to help disabled visitors navigate the premises. We partner with non-profit organisations to train wheelchair assistants, support employability of disabled people and host special work experience programmes for autistic students. Our involvement with Purple Tuesday illustrates our determination to make positive contributions to the well-being of our communities. We see ourselves as leaders of change, using our assets and collective strength to raise awareness, mobilise and provide spaces where people feel they belong.

LGBTQIA+ inclusion is an integral part of our Be You at URW diversity and inclusion framework. As a Group, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all of our employees through awareness raising and positive action.

We have partnered with LGBT charity, Stonewall to reinforce an inclusive workplace for all through awareness raising and positive action.

  1. Creating allies to allow for positive change

  2. Reviewing our policies and guides to ensure wording is inclusive and without bias

  3. Growing our Be You Networks and LGBTQIA+ inclusive initiatives

  4. Recruiting diverse talent by advertising on the Proud Employers site

  5. Supporting inclusive procurement by sharing best practice with our suppliers

Zero tolerance for harassment, bulying and racism

At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, our Code of Ethics describes values and principles that every employee of the Group must observe in the course of their work. These rules of conduct guide our behaviour when acting within or on behalf of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. In particular, we are committed to fostering respect for human dignity and for employees’ work, and to a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying and racism.

See the URW Code of Ethics here.

URW named one of the top companies for gender equality

At URW, we are proud that 43% of our top managers are women

URW, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Celebrating women and their positive impact

Celebrating women and their positive impact in our places