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Where digital meets physical

#Group News
On October 15, we launched Pyramid., the first French concept store hosting digital-only brands. Located at the Carrousel du Louvre, this highly-curated space spans across 170 sqm and will be open through the end of December 2019. Launched in collaboration with consulting firm Label Experience and Digital Native Group, Pyramid. features 20 young French retail concepts, including: Babines, Big Moustache, Bonne Gueule, Cabaïa, D’Estrëe, Emoi Emoi, Ho Karan, Izipizi, Joone, Kipli, La Belle Mèche, Le Chocolat des Français, Le Slip Français, Monsieur Marguerite, Naïa, Oolution, Papier Tigre, Pet So Chic, The French Vikings, and Waekura. All of these brands began online and are ready to take the next step to expand into physical retail locations.

The official inauguration took place with a launch event hosted by Anne-Sophie Sancerre, Managing Director of Retail in France, who emphasised our willingness to create unique and differentiated experiences for our visitors. Pyramid. illustrates our commitment to supporting start-ups and propelling innovative brands, while strengthening our retail mix with fresh concepts never seen in shopping centres.

As the worlds of online and offline retail blend and inspire each other further, we aim to be the first point of contact for digital brands that want to engage with their customers through one-of-a-kind in-store experiences. We offer emerging brands the best platform to scale their businesses across the US and Europe through flexible spaces and dynamic retail experiences that support their online and offline business.

At Westfield London, we have partnered with AI trend experts NextAtlas to create the Trending Store, an AI-powered boutique stocking fashion-forward looks based on what’s trending across social media in real time. A true reflection of social conversation brought to life in a physical space, this forward-looking store brought together the smart trending intel of online shopping and fashion influence with the “IRL” human interaction of traditional shopping, for the very first time.

In Germany, the fashion and lifestyle label BALR. opened its first physical flagship store at Centro (Oberhausen) this Autumn. With an Instagram community of 1.2Mn followers, the innovative concept aims at making the lifestyle of well-known sports stars accessible to all.

In Czech Republic, Westfield Chodov is hosting Waterdrop® Microdrink‘s first retail kiosk. This Austrian brand designs premium products and experiences surrounding the quintessence of life — water. With its low-cost, high-impact innovative drinking system (the world’s very first micro drink), Waterdrop promotes consumer well-being and provides better water in a better way.

These bold projects supported by Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield are part of a broader strategy to reinvent the retail space and create places where visitors enjoy a constantly renewed experience. As changing consumer needs drive the industry to rethink the retail mix, we are committed to lead change – embracing an omnichannel future where brand experience and convenience play a central role in consumer choice.