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With social distancing and self-isolating being the temporary norm, COVID-19  turned our social lives upside down and transferred most of our daily interactions online. From live games and virtual exhibitions to remote dinners and at home dates, we embraced virtuality as a way to connect and still share memorable experiences. 

At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, we found new ways to support our vision and stay true to our purpose, Reinvent Being Together. Through the #KindnessTogether campaign, we kept in touch with our communities, reuniting families and friends online and bringing them joy, creativity and fun during lockdown. Our teams created relevant, interactive and useful content to meet our customers’ needs during these unique times. Then, we prepared for the gradual resumption of our shopping centres’ activities, #WorkingTogether to make our much-awaited reunion as enjoyable and safe as possible. And it was a huge success! We were thrilled to see our visitors back in our centres, reconnecting with their preferred brands.

Now, we are bringing our communities #BackTogether in our destinations. As we return to the “new” normal, people are looking for a place to be together and devote their free time to their favourite habits: entertainment, shopping, eating out and leisure activities you can share with your loved ones. Certified Safe & Healthy, our centres are the perfect places to come back together and create joyful memories. 

Recalling the playfulness and creativity of our Pan-European COME TOGETHER marketing campaign launched last autumn, the BACK TOGETHER campaign embodies this desire to be together again, spend time with family and friends, reclaim public space and rekindle life energy. Across fashion, beauty, food, leisure and homeware, the campaign highlights key segments in our destinations, and provides each centre with the opportunity to hero retailers.

Welcome back!