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The Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier project: Let’s talk design & planning with Elpida Lentsiou

Without a doubt, our Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier will a one-of-a-kind place; cosmopolitan, open and urban… it is designed as an integrated district connecting places to live and work with attractive cultural offerings, services and leisure facilities as well as innovative retail and entertainment concepts!

With this mixed-use development, we showcase the lively essence of contemporary Hamburg, and connect future-oriented models for urban living with the historically developed Hamburg identity. The goal: a vibrant meeting place for people from Hamburg and tourists.

The development of this mega 419,000m2 project with a 1 billion euro total investment is one dear to the hearts of many of our employees who have invested their time in ensuring the project is a success.

Watch this interesting interview with Elpida Niki Lentsiou, Construction Manager, URW Germany. Here she highlights her experience in the planning of the construction of the spectacular glass roof designed by Werner Sobek which connects the surrounding buildings in the central part of the quarter.

She also talks about the current work put into the cinema house, whose interior design was spearheaded by Chapman Taylor, as well as the upcoming construction of Hamburg’s first Dolby Cinema which promises a unique cinematic enjoyment and sets new standards in terms of design, picture and sound quality. Operated by Kinopolis, this premium multiplex cinema will open up in the fall of 2023, with ten auditoriums and approx. 2,300 seats.

Watch the full interview here