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Expanding reduction targets to address energy crisis

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As part of our proactive Better Places 2030 sustainability strategy, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has announced we will further increase our energy-saving approach across all of our shopping centres to support wider government and private sector efforts to address the European energy crisis.

Having achieved a -17% reduction of energy intensity since 2015 in Europe, URW will reduce its energy intensity up to an additional -15% across the continent, taking a number of short-term actions including a reducing lighting during opening hours, shutting down of air curtains, reductions in air conditioning and heating, and adjusting indoor car park lighting based on occupancy, as well as asking retailers to take similar measures within their stores.

As a part of its long-term Better Places 2030 plan, the company is on track to reach its target of permanently reducing its total energy intensity by -30% (with some measures adopted to address the energy crisis accelerating progress towards this goal), and reducing its global carbon footprint by -50%.

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