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Experience DIVR virtual reality  ’arenas’

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We are excited to announce that we are welcoming two new DIVR ‘arenas’ in the summer of 2022, bringing to life free-roam virtual reality experiences at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia and Westfield London!

Featuring original story-based experiences ranging from family-friendly escapades to fantasy and science-fiction adventures, groups of up to four people are put into a series of high-end shared virtual reality experiences that includes wireless streaming in 5K resolution and multi-sensory feedback through wind, heat and vibration.

With the growth of entertainment concepts like ‘competitive socialising’, Westfield destinations are a platform for the newest innovative offerings while giving digital and tech brands access to new audiences.

These openings continue our Group’s leadership in the diversification of entertainment offerings at our destinations, ultimately providing our customers a more choice and personalised experience.

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