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Fostering professional and personal growth at all times

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A 360-degree approach to learning and development at all levels of the company

At URW, we view talent development as a cornerstone of our employees’ journey, hence a crucial priority that demands a long-term, strategic approach. Our comprehensive training policy and programmes, propelled by our in-house learning URW Academy, are designed to help our employees grow and succeed in their roles and equip them for career mobility, while further contributing, to our company’s sustainability goals.

A learning and development journey
URW Fundamentals for newcomers, IGP Seminar for graduates joining our ranks, Global Manager Programme, Learning Week… Every colleague at URW is supported and empowered to pursue the training they need to excel personally and professionally. Among many other achievements, our learning programmes saw:
  1. 1,400 employees collectively upskilling as part of our annual Learning Week.

  2. A consolidated satisfaction score of 8.6 out of 10 for 2022 trainings.

  3. 200 managers taking part in URW’s Global Manager Programme

All these programmes contribute to our people development commitment, encouraging career and international mobility across the board: 270 employees were promoted and 140+ changed scope or role during the first half of 2023. Supporting women through ad-hoc leadership training remains a core focus as well, as we progress towards our 2025 goal of 40% of the top leadership positions in the Group being help by women – the figure stood at 39% at the end of 2022.

Growing a community of sustainability changemakers Sustainability is absolutely central to our purpose at URW. To achieve our bold sustainability ambitions, we have accelerated sustainability training for all team members. This includes:
  1. Group-wide training in partnership with Climate Fresk, with 1,750+ employees participating since September 2022, and 95 Climate Fresk Internal trainers, leading to being Climate Fresk certified company in France.

  2. Access to the AXA Climate School curriculum, with 450+ employees already enrolled in learning courses.

  3. More than 200 staff members trained with our innovative Sustainable Development Game, which teaches the fundamentals of sustainable real estate development.

Committed to diversity and inclusion
Another key tenet of our people development programme is a focus on diversity and inclusion. From newcomers to board members, everyone is offered training in topics such as fostering an inclusive work environment, unconscious bias, celebrating uniqueness and creating an environment that ensures everyone feels safe and supported to be their best self. Recent programmes include:
  1. A company-wide allyship seminar hosted by URW Inclusion Advisor Jess Weiner attended by 350+ staff members.

  2. Partnering with the leader in eDoing, Fifty, to leverage its platform to help our teams adopt new habits and best practices to become better ally in the workplace and drive meaningful change.

  3. Almost 150 managers trained on the topic of “Supporting Team Wellbeing” and both inclusion and wellbeing integrated into the Group’s 2023 Senior Leadership Development Programme.

  4. Regular awareness sessions supported by our seven local “Be You at URW” networks